3:05's main series is PURE AF - a fumetti project where models get body painted to become the characters of the story. It later evolved to a illustrated comic book and feature length movie.

PURE is a story built around the small nation of Seyns. It is governed by 7 feuding Western defined families; each with unique characteristics. They are privileged. The privileged don the ornate clothing and jewelry of money, beauty, and corruption. Their golden exterior and sky blue eyes belie any preoccupation with altruism, for the commoners serve as mere stepping-stones to money, power and useless things. 

The Others do not fit in to society due to a substantial shortage of earthly possessions or status. The Others cannot camouflage their destitution. They live out side of Seyns and can only enter the nations walls to serve. 

PURE AF #0 is now available on Comixology.

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This Is A Man's World
The Kinky Devil
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