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(for Tom Of Finland Residency Program)

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I am excited to apply for The Tom of Finland’s Artist in Residency Program, as this opportunity would give me the ability to focus on research of Tom of Finland Foundation Archives. Over the course of the three-month residency I’m planning to experiment with new techniques in photography, body painting, illustration and digital imaging to see where it takes me creatively. Much of my past work has explored the conceptual boundary between photography and illustration, taking advantage of digital imaging tools to create a new fantasy world where I can discuss issues that I see on a daily basis. For this project, my goal is to push this idea farther, and create even more surreal erotic work (photography, video and illustration) within a twisted fictitious Western society reality.

For my residency project I want to take issues within a Western society such as body-image/nudity, a male dominated society, conspiracy theory, fraud and drug addiction then combine it with lust, loneliness, sin, corruption, love, chaos, mystery and the hero’s journey. The above issues will inspire me to create (7) new photographs (prints) depicting the different floors (, a short (5-7 minute) video, and a new (24-page) chapter of the Kinky Devil comic. Note: Everything created and presented during the Tom of Finland Foundation residency will relate to each other. (A tentative story summary can be found in the next section.)

I’m very interested in exploring the concept of erotica, the nude figure and the concept of a bathhouse/bar filled with spectacular, unbelievable, and grotesque floors of sin/punishment. Note: This is NOT to say that sex or erotica are a sin. To find more information about the different levels please check out the following: The sins presented are: vanity, glory, pride, lust, desire, envy, gluttony, indulgence, sloth, avarice, wrath, sadness and blasphemy. The sins are how most guests act while on the different floors. They are enchanted. The punishment is loosing themselves to the establishment.

I want to expand my creative goals with the help of the Tom of Finland Foundation archives and Kake Comics. Tom of Finland's compositions are detailed as multiple figures intertwine.  Also, Kake creates a highly sexualized/idealized character distinguished by his hyper-masculine physical characteristics, mainly his developed muscles and exceptionally large penis. The research, I hope will push my photography, illustrations and videos farther.
This residency program provides a safe space for erotic art allowing me to expand my creative skills. Tom of Finland Foundation educates the public to the merits of erotic art. If I can help in this mission and I am open to volunteer during my time in residence.

Also, during the residency I will engage with the lgbtqia2s+ community to establish new model contacts and fans in the LA area.  At the end of the residency, (in addition to the photographs/prints, illustrations and video produced) to show my gratitude to the Tom of Finland Foundation and my new LA fans I will create a live performance show entitled KINKY DEVIL LIVE, an erotic body paint improv show based on MESS IN PAINT and DIRTY BOYS CLEAN series. This event will allow guests to get a glimpse into the making of my fantasy world. (Note: This improv show will connect to the photographs/prints, illustrations and video produced during my time in residence.)

The Tom of Finland Foundation Artist in Residency Program would be a huge benefit for my creative and professional development as an artist. Seeing the Tom of Finland Archive, communing with peers and working in LA will be invaluable. Also, having a space to create and work on projects would be a great resource, especially to be free to photograph erotic work with no judgment. This will allow me to dig deeper into the thematic process and focus on stylistic growth. Exhibiting photographs, illustrations and videos with a live performance show at the end of the residency will be such an honor. Thank you for your consideration.

To see more examples comic book illustrations, Kinky Devil Live, photography and videos please check out:

To find out more concerning the levels of the hotel please check out:


Prominent national figures go missing. That’s when a conspiracy theorist/detective dives into the mystery. He believes it’s all a hoax, but the leads take him to the debaucherous Purgatory Hotel and Kinky Devil Bar. Every floor is filled with unbelievable forms of sin, lust and punishment. As he travels through the establishment, he stays to long and his dementia clouds his judgment. He is lost, confused and consumed by erotic/lustful activities. He thinks he meets the missing people. But does he or is his brain playing a trick on him. Will they help him to escape to expose the hotel for what it is?


Anthony Dortch is a trained, educated master of his own upbringing and environment. Dortch spent much of his young life in the heartland of the United States, Ohio. He attended The Colorado Springs School. There, under the influence of one of his early mentors, Judy Campbell, Dortch gave to canvas a theme that can be traced from his earliest days of expression...NO ONE IS ORDINARY.

Reflective of his Mid-western roots, Dortch has culled a style that is influenced by the classics and masters with his lived experience, reflected in a panoply of expressions--both visually and emotionally. His work is reflective of both the whimsy of comic and the depth of personality. Not wanting to be taken too seriously, the artist playfully reveals the many sides of life and experience thru the faces of reality, sometimes masked in uncertainty. His palette is clearly the world of experience. His work comes from a profound desire to match subjects to their feelings, those expressed and those that lie deep within. Hence, each portrait holds a glimmer of Anthony’s dream to paint personalities with broad strokes of acceptance, regardless how stark or bold.

This evolves into The Privileged Series. The work represents the differences between the rich and the poor through a surrealistic art form. In 2010, The Privileged Series exhibits at Touchstone Gallery (Washington, D.C.) and soon after travels to galleries around the United States. In 2012, The Privileged Series exhibits at Distinction Gallery (near San Diego, CA). Dortch partners with Keifla Antonio and his team to take the project to the next level. The team paints models, bringing the outrageously colored characters to life. In 2013-14, The Privileged Series evolves into PURE, a fumetti style comic book series. Dortch learns to body paint models to become the characters of his fictional satirical Western- society. In 2014, YogaBear Studio collaborates with Dortch in San Diego. Over the years, this partnership develops into comic books and PURE Reflections. In 2015, 3:05 AM Collaborations emerges. 3:05 AM Collaborations AKA 3:05 is the brain-child of Dortch and Michael Coslow (director). The small team travels to Europe and across the United States painting people for short videos.

In 2016, everything changes. Life and art comes to a crashing halt. Dortch suffers a major stroke loosing the use of the right side of his body. Now Dortch struggles to find his new normal by relearning how to draw and paint post-stroke. One accomplishment, with the help of Robert Rivera (director) and Ben Choobinay (screenwriter), Dortch produces his first feature length film, PURE: The Movie debuts in 2017.


We all have our own unique hopes and fears, dreams and pains, talents and experiences. Those near and close to us, our family and friends, know where we’ve been, accept what we’ve become and, still, gently allow us to grow. Such growing space provides the unique opportunity for the extraordinary, based upon my time honored belief that ....NO ONE IS ORDINARY.
A combination of psychological intuition, observation and experience has inspired me to craft visual interpretations of peoples’ environments thru the medium of modern technology and materials. My experiences have lead me to create energetic dreamscapes portraying an odd mixture of human composition, emotional experience, and surreal motion that focuses on the idea that people are connected to themselves, their experiences, and to the world in such a way that we are not apart from our reality but a part of it.

The evolution of my work incorporates the use of paint, photography, and my knowledge of comic book art to produce images that focus on a panoply of experience(s) while using a build up of brush strokes and bold colors. Inspiration is often found by looking to past artists like Caravaggio for his use of light and expression, the Furturists for the use of movement, the Impressionists for the use of color and brush strokes, and Bennett for his use of color and detail to transform portraiture to a vibrant array of color.


Classes at Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA, 2001-2006

Bachelor of Philosophy with a focus in Art Education/Psychology & Art,
Miami University, Oxford, OH, 2000


2014 - Touchstone Gallery - MiniSolos@Touchstone - Member’s Salon - Washington, DC
2014 - VENGEANCE The Return of the Divergent Artists - Rockville, MD
2013 - Touchstone Gallery - A Dip In The Blue - Washington, DC

2013 - Arlington Arts Gallery - Springtime Celebration of Artists SLIDESHOWCASE - Arlington, VA
2013 - 
Raw DC 2013 - Discovery - Washington, DC
2013 - 
Tomea Inc. Art Event - BAM Communications - San Diego, CA
2013 - 
Touchstone Gallery - Politics As Un-Usual - Washington, DC

2012 - Wiseman Gallery - The 99% - Grants Pass, OR

2012 - Amos Eno Gallery - Seeing Is Believing - Curator: Alex Wixon - Brooklyn, NY

2012 - Distinction Gallery - 8 month exhibition - The Privileged Series: TEASER - Escondido, CA

2012 - Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) - An Exhibition of Contemporary Photography – Juror: Bruce McKaig - Washington, DC
2011 - Touchstone Gallery - Small Treasurers (Members Annual Holiday Show) - Washington, DC

2011 - Garment District - Curator: Brandon Wetherbee - Washington, DC

2011 - Touchstone Gallery - The Color Of Love- Washington, DC

2010 - Touchstone Gallery - ANNUAL SMALL WORKS EXHIBITION - Washington, DC

2010 - PAAM - Provincetown Arts Association and Museum, SMALL WORKS, Provincetown, MA

2010 - Touchstone Gallery/RESULTS Gym - 2nd ANNUAL- Washington, DC

2010 - Touchstone Gallery – CHAMPAGNE CELEBRATION AT THE NEW TOUCHSTONE... – Washington, DC

2010 - PAAM - Provincetown Arts Association and Museum, THE 12x12 EXHIBITION, Provincetown, MA

2010 - Capitol Hill Arts League/Fisher Gallery (Schlesinger Art Center) - REFLECTIONS – Juror: Clifford Chieffo - Alexandria, VA
2010 - Touchstone Gallery/RESULTS Gym - Washington, DC

2010 - Touchstone Gallery/Articulate Gallery - MINDSCAPE - Washington, DC
2009-10 - Sewall-Belmont Houseand Museum –TOUCH ME HERE - Juror: Norman Parish & Marga Fripp - Washington, DC
2009 - Touchstone Gallery - Go Mama Go - ART IS A GIFT - Washington, DC

2009 - Smithsonian Institute - SMITHSONIAN CONNECT WITH THE ARTS- Juried - Washington, DC

2009 - Red Studio/Gallery - INDIFFERENT - POST MODERN - AND ART REJECTED... - Juried - Kensington, MD

2009 - Touchstone Gallery - MY SPACE - Washington, DC
2009 - Touchstone Gallery - SEVEN TAKES - Washington, DC
2009 - Louisa Art Center Gallery - ART CLUSTER - Juried - Colorado Springs, CO
2009 - Capitol Hill Art League Show - Juror: Tim Tate - Washington, DC
2008 - Staybridge Suites BWI - Annual Office Gallery - Baltimore, MD

2007 Moca DC Gallery - Washington, DC
2006 - The Mansion on Forsyth Park Gallery - Savannah, GA
1996 - Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Exhibition - 1st Place Graphic Design Award – Colorado Springs, CO


2015 - HUSK - Touchstone Gallery – Washington, DC
2015 - PURE - Awesome CON - Washington, DC
2015 - HUSK - Green Lantern - Washington, DC
2015 - HUSK - Amos Eno Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
2015 - BOOM- Body Painting event - Green Lantern - Washington, DC
2015 - Leather Nation II - Green Lantern - Washington, DC
2014 - Leather Friends Italia - LFI - Make a Wish - Padua, Italy
2014 - Paddles - In Blackest Night - NYC, NY
2014 - Green Lantern - KINDRIS - Washington, DC
2014 - Green Lantern - Revealing Colors - Washington, DC
2014 - Paddles - Cum Play With Me - NYC, NY
2014 - Cum Play With Me - Vitruvian Gallery - Washington, DC
2014 - 
MAL’s ONYX Cocktail Party - Leather Nation - Washington, DC
2014 - Green Lantern - Leather Nation - Washington, DC

2013 - Green Lantern - Shut Up & Lock Up - Washington, DC
2013 - 
Touchstone Gallery - The Privileged Series: Pests - Washington, DC
2013 - Louisa Art Center Gallery - The Privileged Series - Colorado Springs, CO

2013 -The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts - The Privileged Series - Blue Mountain, NY
2013 -
Amos Eno Gallery - The Privileged Series: Among the Commoners - Brooklyn, NY

2012 - Desotorow Gallery - The Privileged Series - Savannah, GA

2012 - Distinction Gallery - The Privileged Series - Escondido, CA

2012 - Artomatic - The Priviliged Series - Crystal City, VA

2011 - Touchstone Gallery - The Privileged Series - Washington, DC

2010 - 6 DEGRESS FROM THE ORDINARY - Host: Doug Steeele - Washington, DC

2010 - MOVA Lounge – ART OF LIFE – Washington, DC

2010 - Louisa Art Center Gallery - NOT YOUR ORDINARY RETROSPECTIVE - Colorado Springs, CO
2009 - 69 & U EXHIBITION - Host: Patrick Blais - Washington, DC
2009 - Touchstone Gallery - Annex B - NO ONE IS ORDINARY - Washington, DC
2007 - Staybridge Suites BWI - Annual Office Gallery - Baltimore, MD
2007 - Soho Tea & Coffee - Washington, DC
2001 - Buzz Cafe and Gallery - Oxford, OH
2000 - December Gallery Hop - Columbus, OH
2000 - November Gallery Hop - Columbus, OH
1999 - Center for Black Culture and Learning Awards Dinner - Oxford, OH
1999 - Delta Sorority Gala - Oxford, OH

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