New York Comic Con 2017

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

655 W. 34th St

 New York, NY 10001

I need time to regroup. I am taking a break from shows and PURE. Many  people think I have done to much to fast  since the stroke. Some days I have agree. As I become stronger, many days I feel mentally and physically exhausted.


So, I thought why not go to NYCC to boost my spirits.  I had the pleasure of meeting Vitti, Giovanni Valleta, Allen Watson, Luciano Vecchio, the creators of Shirtless Bear-fighter,, Nick Abadzis, Chris Sotomayor, Scott Hanna, Miles Morales, Matt Santorelli, Bob McLeod, Adi Granov, Brian Steelfreeze, Damion Scottt, Takara, and Josh Hurley.

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