The Fahr Weekend

Every since the stroke, my life has become an adventure. Nothing is what it seems. Every door that closes, one is regained and many more open. It's a crazy life, but its mine and I love every tragic event that happens. 


But not everything is tragic. Some very talented people came together to create art. Trevor Dodge and Charlie Bell returned for more debauchery. They have been loyal participants since the creation of the comic book. Combine their talents with Stuart Richards and we were able to create a mini vid inspired by the Matt Lauer sexual harassment scandal.


If that wasn't amazing enough, Michael Kenneth Fahr is in DC to shoot.  With the help of Trevor Dodge, John Wisor and Grant Collins we produce my longest short films. It is incredible to shoot at the National Mall.

Thank you goes to the cast and crew for an incredible weekend. Next, I go to Ohio for some rest and relaxation.

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