It all started in 2009, Anthony Dortch began working on a project called The Privileged Series. He traveled to Tybee Island, GA to work with Anthony Canney (fashion designer), Tim Cabell (hair/makeup) and Julie Simser (photographer) to do the first shoot. The goal was to represent differences between the rich and the poor through a surrealistic art form. 


In 2010, The Privileged Series exhibited at Touchstone Gallery (Washington, D.C.) and soon after traveled to galleries around the United States. 


In 2012, The Privileged Series exhibited at Distinction Gallery (near San Diego, CA). Dortch partnered with Keifla Antonio and his team to take the project to the next level. The team painted models, bringing the outrageously colored characters to life. 


In 2013-14, The Privileged Series evolved into PURE. A fumetti style comic book was created. Body painted models would become the characters in a fictional world.


In 2014, YogaBear Studio collaborated with DortchDesings in San Diego. Over the years, this partnership developed into books and PURE Reflection.


In 2015, 3:05 AM Collaborations emerged. 3:05 AM Collaborations AKA 3:05 is the brain child of Anthony Dortch and Michael Coslow (director). The small team would travel to Europe and across the United States painting people for short videos. 


In 2016, Dortch suffered a major stroke. While in recovery he made the plans to produce his first feature length film, PURE: The Movie.


In 2017, with the help of Robert Rivera (director) and Ben Choobinay (screenwriter) production started. 


With the completion of PURE: The Movie in 2018, 3:05 AM Collaborations moves into a bright future

2010 - present
2010 - present