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3:05 AM Collaborations creates a unique experience that spans several mediums (comic books, body painting and video). The PURE project travels within the United States and internationally, sets up body painting events and transforms participants into characters of a fictitious society.

The resulting stories are all interconnected, each are unique representations of controversial issues within our society. The PURE project is an exaggerated dystopian version of the United States whose fate rests in a corrupt President and 6 feuding houses that dominate the political conversation for the environment, media, military, religion, science and war. It's a society doomed to fail.

The PURE project is an epic tale of ingrained racism, sexism and the inequality inherent in a male dominated society. The project illustrates what it means to be socially and financially above others and that power corrupts absolutely, where the upper class perpetuates the myth that achievement is only for the privileged.

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